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    About Fars Afzar KimiaFars Afzar Kimiya Co. is an industrial-manufacturing company which was established in 1996 on Adel abad industrial zone in Shiraz-IRAN. The director of the company has 40 year experience in tool making under the supervision of Germany experts. Having a modern machinery and using the updated technology of the world and preparing huge amount of advanced software and hardware, makes this company a successful one in Fars province and in IRAN. The need of country for manufacturing precise and complicated tools in different industries such as oil, gas, petrochemical and other industries causes this company to direct its way in producing accurate and complex tools in a way that many tools of different industries which are known as non-manufacturing parts in domestic market, was designed and made in this company. Manufacturing precise and complex tools for different countries and research centers is another goal of this company. There are many tools which were designed and manufactured for the first time in this company and they supported many research projects. Since the manufacturing system in this company depends on the customer's order, the diversity of orders causes production of abundant of different tools. The equipments of this company made it very capable. Using CAD CAM as a drawing system and modern equipments in tool making enables this company to reach its goals and satisfies the customers with presenting aninnovative service, quality, speed, and precision. The company is known as an efficient sample in Iran. Installation of remarkable modern CNC machines is a suitable way for producing creativity & innovation.

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